Elizabeth McGovern as Lady Cora is shown in a scene from the second season of Downton Abbey.

London - With period dramas Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge enthralling viewers, vintage hairdos have never been hotter. Here, we show you how to do a retro style in minutes.

1. Hair will stay in place better if it hasn’t been recently washed. Comb through, make a high side parting and spritz lightly with hairspray.

2. Section your hair into four, taking the first piece from before your parting then working over the front of your head. Secure sections.

3. Curl the first section with a small-barrelled iron. Turn this twice in a clockwise direction. Repeat on the other three sections.

4. Twist the curl furthest from your parting so it lies against your scalp in a loose circle. Pin in place. Repeat with the next two sections.

5. Pull the last curl that’s on the other side of your parting over it, twist once and pin to your scalp. Spritz your up-do with hairspray. - Daily Mail