Before you apply nail polish, make sure that they are clean and your hands are well moisturised. Picture: Supplied.
Imagine someone offering you a handshake with ashy hands and chipped nail polish, that wouldn’t be nice, right? That’s why you should make taking care of your hands and nails fashionable. Here are the top four tips on how to take care of your nails and hands. 

Use Lotion

Moisturising is a necessity, especially in winter. Moisture prevents your nails from splitting, peeling, and breaking. Moisturising will also prevent painful hangnails, cracked and bleeding cuticles. Having a full-proof moisture strategy this winter is to use hand lotion several times a day, especially after you wash hands.

Pro tip: Apply your moisturiser to your hands when they are damp as this helps lock in moisturiser

Polish Clean Nails

Before you even attempt to polish your nails, make sure that they are clean and your hands are well moisturised. You can clean your nails with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover or acetone.

Use Acetone

Using acetone may be frowned upon by different nail technicians. This is because acetone has a reputation for drying out your nails and skin. However, experts at Looking Good LCN recommend its use because acetone has some quick super polish dissolving magic that actually saves nail enthusiasts some moisture compared to some weaker strengthening or moisturizing polishes on the market.

Pro tip: Acetone is a solvent for removing UV polish, acrylics and soak off gels.

File your nails regularly

During winter you will find yourself with nails that have snags, tears and or breaks. You can try filing them two to three times a week to make sure they stay smooth and shiny.