Lady Zamar on overcoming acne and revealing glowing skin

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 9, 2020


Anyone who has had adult acne will know that it’s one of the worst skin problems, especially if you are in the public eye.

For singer Lady Zamar, it became a public topic when fans noticed that she had acne problems.

According to research by the Department of Dermatology, School of Clinical Medicine, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine in 2017 (Acne in South African Black Adults), acne is the most common skin disorder diagnosed by dermatologists and other health-care providers worldwide, and it mostly affects adolescents.

The research has found that the worldwide prevalence is 9.4 percent. In adolescents, the prevalence is 65 to 75 percent. In Durban, with a population of 2.9 million people, it has been documented as the second most common skin disease, with mainly females affected.

For the first time, Lady Zamar came out on social media to show her acne-free skin.

Her great reveal was prompted by a fan who participated in the “Where It started – Where I am now” viral challenge. With a before acne and after, the fan tagged Lady Zamar as someone who has also gone through the same issue.

The start replied, “I went through this acne phase so suddenly and so publicly. it was a mess. So glad you’ve made it through this horrible phase. I wish healing to everyone going through this now.”

She followed up with a selfie that showed her skin completely free of acne, and glowing skin.

— Lady Zamar (@Lady_Zamar) October 8, 2020

Lady Zamar previously revealed her first acne breakout was at the age of nine – claims her skin issues have affected relationships, friendships, and even her engagement on social media.

In a statement from over a year ago, the star explained what was happening to her when she had acne, "The first thing that goes is your self-esteem. People expect me to be perfect, but the fact is I'm not. I'm going through the roughest period of my life with this acne."

Lady Zamar says she sought treatment from professionals and says, "I'm never going to hide who I am; no matter what people say. It's not the end of the world for me."

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