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Mother’s Day is the day in the year when children and spouses can truly spoil, show love and acknowledge the role of a mother. It’s the one day when mom doesn’t have to wake up early to pack school lunches or prepare breakfasts, make lunches or even do the dishes.

7de Laans 'Connie'


Quinne Brown, who is best known as Connie from the TV soapie 7de Laan, says that Mother’s Day to her is remembering her mother, her grandmother and now acknowledging herself as a mother.

“It’s still a day where I mostly feel awe and love for the mothers I was privileged to grow up with. As a mother of two girls I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be mother,” says Brown.

As a child she would make her mom breakfast in bed, go into the garden and pick a flower and make a card. And of course, giving her time to pamper herself. Every year they would do something different to celebrate the year.

“We would do something special like visiting the flower fields with Grandma and then lunch.

“Or sometimes, taking a day for self care and dad takes the kids on a play adventure, while I sleep and play or have a pamper session. If I haven’t seen the kids much, I love going for a walking adventure and good meal somewhere.

“Their handmade cards were my heart’s delight,” she says.

I asked Brown what her ideal Mother’s Day gift would be?

“A spa day with my mother, sister and best friend,” was her response.

Jimmy Nevis

Singer Jimmy Nevis says Mother’s Day is about family time.

“I think my mother loves getting the gifts and the extra appreciation but at the end of the day I think she’s more excited just to have the family together.

“We always do a big lunch. I think this year I may actually cook since I’ve learnt a few things over the past year,” says Nevis.

One of his fondest Mother’s Day memories is being part of the church service on the day.

“The whole family would go to church and we’d always take part in the skits, saying a poem and singing a song.

“I think getting material gifts like massages and perfume are nice but sometimes acts of service are even better or gifts that help with the practicality of daily life.

“Doing the dishes for a month, helping out more with the kids, doing things that she wants. It’s easier to preach, I need to follow my own advice,” says Nevis.

Belinda Davids

Belinda Davids is referred to South Africa’s very own Whitney Houston. She has left audiences in tears of joy and full of goosebumps.

She says Mother's Day “is the day to say thank you to moms for being there when they were most needed”.

“I remember when I grew up how much it meant to my mom or grandma that we handmade special cards.

“Now that I’m working it’s time to upgrade and buy something special. Always buy something that Mom will treasure for a long time. A framed photo. Something that she can look at and remember you,” she says.

“My fondest Mother’s Day memory was when I bought my mom a jewellery set, a necklace and earrings. She loved them so much,” says Davids.

Davids says that she has a love for scented candles so Joe Malone’s candles are on her Mother’s Day gifts wish list.

Her mom has passed away but always offered the following beauty advice: “Drink lots of water! She always made me drink jugs of water and said I wouldn’t get a pimple if I did this. I still do it.”

Kia Johnson

TV presenter and radio presenter, Kia Johnson, was told she would not be able to conceive but now is blessed with two miracle babies. For her Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate family.

“I do love the spoils on Mother’s Day but it takes a mother and a father to raise children. So in our house it’s more of an appreciation day for the role my fiancé Branny and I play in Olga and Sebastian’s lives.”

Her mother, Sharon Webb, is based in New Zealand so they connect via Skype or even just calls her mom on Mother’s Day.

“If you’re searching for ideas I think only you will truly know your own mother and what she would love to get from you as a gift.”

Johnson has one thing on her Mother’s Day wish list: “Breakfast in bed.

“My fiancé, Branny, and I share the kitchen and kiddie duties but I’m usually in the kitchen for breakfast meals so I would love to just wait in bed for my yummy breakfast.

“I would also like to do absolutely nothing and be lazy for the day.”

When it comes to gift ideas for other moms she says you can never go wrong with chocolate.

“Moms also like to be pampered so if I find some gorgeous pamper items I’m sure to buy those too.”