Paintinginpink blogger Tamlyn Jacobus is mom to little fashionista Mila. I asked Jacobson a few questions on how she spends Mother’s Day and how she spoils her mom.

How do you pamper your mom on Mother’s Day?

I love my mom. I feel a lump swell up in my throat each time I write that. Nothing I do for her will ever be enough to express the appreciation for what she's done and sacrificed for me.

My mom never makes a fuss about herself but she does enjoy the simple things in life. Being heard, paid attention to and being made felt like her interests are taken note of. These are the things my mom appreciates, I know, they're what matter to me too.

I know my mom enjoys turkish delights, they are her favourite treat. Denzel Washington makes her weak at the knees and Jennifer Lopez's acting in Shall We Dance makes her unbelievably happy. Red Door is her signature scent while White Satin is a close second. Combining the things my mom loves into a hamper of joy is how I choose to say "Happy Mother’s Day".

How does little Mila spoil you on the day?

Mila is only 3 years old so she doesn't purchase anything for me but last year she brought me my Mothers Day pancakes and massaged my shoulders. I had to share my pancakes with her and give her a foot rub afterward but I appreciated the sentiment of my tiny tot showing me some love.

Before we become parents we get told how much kids will enrich our lives. Once we become pregnant we get told about how hard it will be. The one thing we are never warned to about is how difficult it will be to be away from them. I am obsessed with Mila Thandi. When she's not around I feel like my heart is out there, roaming the world. I can't remember what life was like before her, which means that firstly, I got way more sleep and secondly it really wasn't that great.

How has your mom influenced your style and your beauty routine?

Before I become a mom I was pretty care free. My beauty routine was almost non-existent thanks to genes passed down from my folks. It all changed after I had my baby. My hair and skin changed drastically and I found that my once strong and shiny locks became dull and brittle, forcing me to invest in products like the John Frieda, Tresemme and Dove repair and protect ranges.

My skin became dry and flaky, which forced me to take up a more serious skincare routine. I use face masks two to three times a week. Garnier to remove my makeup and Khiels to moisturize, protect and repair. I support local and small business by purchasing my bath bombs from Eggsfoliate. Invest in yourself, your family needs the best version of you.


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