Helen Mirren is one of the women who topped the list of celebrities seen to exude confidence.

London - Once, being a WAG took short skirts, fake tan and plenty of make-up. Now, it seems it requires quite the opposite.

The new WAGs are not the Wives and Girlfriends of footballers, but the Women Ageing Gracefully – and without a false eyelash in sight.

The best examples of this elegant breed include Helen Mirren and Joanna Lumley, according to a poll.

It found that, for most women, 59 is the age when they have a radical rethink about their style.

But many also believe that some things should be ditched decades earlier. The survey of 2 000 women over 45 found that most believe heavy make-up, mini-skirts and glitter become unacceptable once a woman hits 40.

A third said that women of that age should avoid false eyelashes, and 40 percent said that lots of blusher was not a good look.

Leather trousers and mini-skirts should be binned at the age of 41, the respondents insisted, while 43 is apparently the time to ditch the heavy eyeliner and set aside the fake tan.

Bleached hair is not flattering for the over-50s, according to a third of those questioned.In fact, the only product which stood the test of time was red lipstick, a timeless classic.

The poll found that women believed dressing appropriately was the best way of growing old gracefully – but they weren’t the only ones. A resounding three-quarters of men also said that certain looks were ageing on women.

Alongside Mirren, 67, and Lumley, 66, Dame Judi Dench, 78, and Twiggy, 63, topped the list of celebrity women who embrace their age with style, while Madonna, 54, and Anne Robinson, 68, were named as examples of those who are failing to grow old gracefully.

Nearly third of the women polled feared ending up in the same position, confessing that they worried that they were too old to wear certain items in their wardrobe.

However, 74 percent said they would avoid cosmetic surgery in favour of a more natural regime. The poll found that most women believe a good diet and a strict skincare regime were key to looking youthful.

And 59 percent said they think they look younger than they actually are and don’t need the latest trends in fashion and make-up to look good.

A spokesman for Nurture Replenish Skincare, which commissioned the survey, said: “It’s true that as you get older you may have to adapt your look but every woman will face this stage at different times.

“What’s important to remember is to be yourself and don’t be forced to look a certain way because you feel you have to.” – Daily Mail