Nose hair extensions are the latest wacky makeup trend. (Picture: Instagram)
Nose hair extensions are the latest wacky makeup trend. (Picture: Instagram)

Nose hair extensions and other weird and wacky makeup looks

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jun 5, 2019

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People are always going out of their way to be weird but they don’t seem to realize that ‘weird’ doesn’t always mean wonderful!

New makeup looks and techniques are always popping up that has makeup enthusiasts flocking to YouTube to check out their favourite makeup artist for step-by-step editorials on “how to get a look”.

Unfortunately, there are looks that come up on your Instagram feed that will make any anyone cringe. Whether you’re a makeup lover or not.

The weirdest, most bizarre and completely impractical makeup and nail looks that’s hopefully restricted to Instagram and never to be seen on the streets. 

The latest in these wacky trends is nose hair extension. Who would ever have thought that nose hair would a thing? 

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Тренды! ТРЕНДЫ! #TRENDS 🔥 Казалось бы, мир моды уже ничем не удивить, но☝🏼 Instagram умеет- впереди планеты всей🌎 Новая «мода»- наращивание ресниц в носу😄#nosehair , которую ввела обычная девушка из Китая @gret_chen_chen 👻 Я же, мастер эпиляции до мозга костей, знаю, как искоренить эту моду🍯😂 В этом мне поможет @pandhys_russia и взмах волшебным шпателем 💫 А вы знали, что волосы в носу можно удалять?! Это очень быстро и не больно🙌🏼 в этом я @epilena_ помогу вам 👉🏽💫👃🏼=😍 🤳🏻💅🏽💍💄💋👗👠👙👑 💅🏽💍💄💋👗👠👙👑 •КАК ВЫ ОТНОСИТЕСЬ К ТРЕНДАМ? Много у вас дольчегабан, витонов и шанель? Или вы не падкие на это?👇🏽жду ответов👇🏽 🤳🏻💅🏽💍💄💋👗👠👙👑 💅🏽💍💄💋👗👠👙👑 __________________________________________ Inspired by: @sophiehannahrichardson __________________________________________ make up: @karinakazaryan_ __________________________________________ work staff: @pandhys_russia __________________________________________ model: me @epilena_ __________________________________________ #видео_epilena #nosehairextensions #extensionslashes #nose#trend #instarussia #russiangirl#video_russia @pikavids @video_russia @ptenkofff

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Most of us try to keep our nose hairs out of sight but these artists have gone out of their way to exaggerate the appearance of the pesky hairs.

Just in case you thought that your eyelash extension where only meant to extend your lashes, they will come in handy if you ever want to get this look. 

This is just one of the many bizarre we’ve seen. Here are a few of the others. Please DO NOT try them at home.


Corkscrew Nails: All these nails need is a bottle of wine. What else are you meant to do with them? 

Teeth Nails: This is what I would call nail biting. I suppose they would come in handy when you eat with your hands.

Egg nails: These crack me up. You can even crack the shell of the tiny eggs and find runny yolk inside. I wouldn’t and fry the eggs though.

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Perfection from @nail_sunny. #eggmag #eggnails

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Weird eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of the face. Which would explain why women spend more time on their brows when doing their makeup. So why would you create the most bizarre and unnatural shapes with your brows? 

Shapes like the feather and barbwire brows made a disturbing appearance a year ago. Now there’s the halo and McDonald's brows. None of which frames the face in a good way. 


Nude lashes: Most women aspire to full long lashes. For those with thin barely their lashes have to resort to layers of mascara or lash extensions. So I have to wonder why anyone would want to have nude coloured eyelashes which basically makes it look like you have no lashes at all. 

Crooked eyelashes: Clumpy and crooked lashes are the exact opposite of what you would like to achieve with your mascara. This look against all those eye makeup rules and ends up looking like a big mess and that you have no idea what you’re doing.

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