Nikel Nikelhidris face cream. Pic: Supplied

As I slowly move into my mid-40’s my skin has started showing visible signs of ageing. 

Smile lines from years of laughter, frown lines from all the worries and my skin has lost its youthful glow. So I get very excited when a product offers a solution to these problems.

I recently came across Nikel’s Nikelhidris face cream which I used in conjunction with their Immortelle cleansing milk. 

Nikel Cosmetics is an established premium European cosmetics line created using carefully selected natural active ingredients, without any unnecessary additives. 

Pharmaceutical scientist Mirjana Brlečić founded the company in 2004 with a view to providing customers with healthy cosmetics designed not only to nurture the skin, but to address the root causes of skin problems. Combining traditional knowledge in herbal medicine and the latest technological innovations in cosmetics, Brlečić created a range of 63 products to soothe, nurture and care for the skin.

Before I talk about the face cream, I have a few things to say about the cleanser. The Immortelle cleansing milk takes some getting used to. According to the instructions you’re not meant to remove the cleanser. Which I wasn’t too comfortable with. I’m used to apply, foam, wash and rinse procedure. 

After using the cleanser my face didn't feel clean and I couldn’t bring myself to NOT remove the cleanser.

When I opened the box of the face cream I instantly fell in love with the incredibly beautiful container. The transparent cube resembles an ice cube.

The actual cream, on the other hand, took some convincing. Initially, I didn’t like the texture of the cream. However, it applies really well. The cream glides on smoothly and quickly melts into the skin. At first, I felt that the product didn’t moisturise enough. As soon as the product was absorbed my skin felt like it still needed more.

But after using it for a few weeks, my skin definitely felt more moisturized and my skin texture more refined.

I’ve been using the product religiously for three months now and love how my skin feels and looks. My skin doesn’t feel tight after cleansing, the moisturiser is light yet hydrating and my skin doesn’t feel oily at the end of the day. 

The Nikelhidris face cream retails at about R995 while the Cleansing Milk costs R479.

With the products being this reasonably priced and the fact that a little goes a really long way, it WILL last you a long time. 

Nikel products are available online through Zando and Takealot.