London - A make-up bag can be among a woman’s most precious belongings.

So perhaps it is no surprise that the average value of its contents is a rather expensive £172.

A survey of more than 2,000 customers of beauty retailer Escentual.com found that a make-up bag and contents were often the single most expensive item that many women took out of the house with them.

It was even more valuable than their cellphone, watch, bag, or the cash in their purse.

According to the results of an online questionnaire on the Escentual.com website, the average costs of make-up in the bags of British women include: lipstick, £14, eyeliner, £11, mascara, £23, foundation, £27, concealer, £11, eye-shadow, £16, blusher, £11, bronzer, £11, eyelash curler, £5, eyebrow pencil, £5, lip-liner, £5, and lip-gloss, £11.

Emma Leslie, beauty editor at Escentual.com, said: ‘Individual make-up items aren’t particularly expensive but there are so many products the cost of the whole make-up bag quickly mounts up.

‘Many women weren’t aware that their make-up bag was the most valuable thing they took out with them on a daily basis.’

‘The women admitted having quite a few products in their bag that they rarely used, but they took them out just so they could be ready for every eventuality.’ - Daily Mail