Makeup artist, Lucoh Mhlongo. Picture: Supplied.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with your makeup on. 

Lucoh Mhlongo advises that for the good health of your skin, always remove makeup.

  • No matter how tired you are, you have to spare that 60 seconds of your life and remove that makeup before calling it a’s worth it.

  • For skin hygiene purposes, always remove your makeup because sleeping with it may clog the pores and the skin won’t be able to breathe as it should during the night.

  • It’s always important that you cleanse your skin to remove dirt from daily aggressive weather. The things we experience environmentally from the day needs to be washed off.

  • Not washing off your makeup before you sleep may cause imperfections on your skin such as pimples, blemishes and acne.

  • An ultrasonic cleansing brush is good for removing makeup as it thoroughly removes all the debris but if you have sensitive skin, wet wipes are a way to go.

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