'Greatest Showman' star Zendaya. (Picture: Instagram)

The 'Greatest Showman' star's mom never wore any makeup when Zendaya was growing up and the actress feels it made her appreciate her own beauty.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, she said: "My beauty icons are the women in my life. [When I was growing up] my mom didn't wear makeup; I don't think she knew that, to me, it was empowering that she didn't care. But I was super into it, so I would go to my grandma's house, and she would have all the good makeup. I got to see how women are able to navigate within the space of beauty and [see that] it's self-defined: it is equally beautiful, however you choose to do it."

Meanwhile, Zendaya previously admitted she has found "a lot of confidence" through fashion and says dressing up for red carpet events and admits it has boosted her self-esteem.

She explained: "I think for me, I really have been lucky to find, through fashion, a lot of confidence. For me, dressing up and trying new things is a form of exploring my confidence, exploring what I like, exploring what I enjoy.

"When I go on carpets, for some people, some people hate this part. This is my favourite part. I can just go to a red carpet and just go home, because it's like my favourite part is the red carpets. That's sometimes opposite for people, but I enjoy it. It's fun for me. I get to be these different characters. It's like an alter ego."