Duchess of Sussex Meghan supports her friend Serena at Wimbledon. (Reuters)

Duchess of Sussex Meghan and tennis champ Serena Williams have been BFFs since they met at the Super Bowl in 2018. Serena has now designed a sporty hoodie inspired by her royal friend.

The loose fitting, cropped, black and red top with contrasting piping down the sleeves is part of Serena Williams's designer clothing range called “Serena”. 

The star posted an Instagram pic on the Serena page of herself rocking they “Royal” hoodie. 

Serena Williams rocking the "Royal" hoodie. (Picture: Instagram)

She then wore the cropped hoodie on NBC’s The Today Show, where she revealed that she had already sent a hoodie to Meghan.

The royals have very strict rules when it comes to dress code. Especially when it comes to public appearances. Which makes me wonder where the Duchess will be wearing her special gift. Jogs around the palace perhaps?

If you want to feel part of the royal crew the hoodie is available online. For only R1,300 (not a budget buy) it's available in all sizes and sold under Serena's clothing line Serena.