Fashion and beauty trends come and go, but some should go forever



Published Dec 2, 2022


We’ve made it to the final month of the year 2022, and it’s been an interesting one.

There was a lot going on in the fashion and beauty industry, we’ve seen more collaborations, innovations and exciting trends.

As much as fashion has no limits, there are trends that should not make it to the following year.

Showing off thongs

It’s called an “underwear” for a reason, there’s no need to stretch it all the way to your hips so that it shows. We get it, wearing sexy underwear feels liberating, but we don’t want to see it.

Heavy make-up

Bareface or natural look is the hottest make-up trend. This thing of wearing heavy make-up is not cool anymore. Something light does the trick. After all, less is more.

Front lace and natural hair at the back

If you want to wear a frontal lace do it, but don’t leave your natural hair at the back, especially if you have an afro because then you’re wearing two types of hair with different textures, and it doesn’t look nice.

Sagging pants

I can’t believe that in 2022 we still have men who would sag their pants, that’s so 2000. They are in the same group as the ladies who show off their thongs. Please, make it stop!

Matric dance dresses on the red carpet

I need South African celebrities to stop wearing those glittery gowns to every red-carpet event. Leave that to the Grade 12 pupils, and bring style to the red carpet, not those recycled gowns we see every year.

Silk bonnets in public

Whoever told the Gen-Z that wearing a silk bonnet in public is cool, lied to them. It is a sleepwear, not something that you wear to the mall.