Kylie Jenner looking fresh in a lime green skirt and crop top. (Picture: Instagram/KylieJenner)

This summer the girls will all be green with envy.

Since it's the freshest colour this summer you won't really have to be envious because everyone will be wearing the leafy hue. Spring brings colour back into our natural surroundings by turning it from autumn browns to vibrant greens. Now the verdant colour has rooted itself in the fashion and beauty scene.

From regal emerald to edgy neon, green has fashionistas buzzing. Like most basic colours, green covers a wide spectrum of hues including moss, lime, avocado, mint, apple and many shades in between.

Wearing green doesn't mean you have to look like a pine tree or Kermit the Frog. There are ways to nail the look without being a fashion fail.

In order to wear the colour head to toe, you'll have to be brave or have an eccentric vibe because that's a difficult look to pull off. An emerald green suit can look sophisticated if worn with a crisp white shirt worn with sexy heels or fresh and casual if worn with a logo t-shirt and sneakers.

Green and white tie-hem top from H&M - (R179)

Wearing a green dress or jumpsuit can be just as tricky to pull off if you don't wear the correct accessories. I would definitely stay away from anything green! Break the look with a different colour belt, a statement necklace or printed scarf or handbag.

Emerald green faux suede sling bag from Mr Price - (R100)

If you prefer to ease into the trend then simple wear one item as part of a look. Don't be shy to go for bolder greens when you stick to one item. You might want to ease up on wearing bright on bright though - red on green might look a bit like a Christmas tree! 

Denim, as always, is a safe bet to pair any colour with. Apple green worn with faded denim has a fresh and relaxed feel.

If wearing any item of green is still too out there for you then a simple accessory is an even easier way to get into the trend. A pair of silky green heels or casual flats will renew a summery outfit. Imagine wearing apple green flats with a flowing white dress or emerald green heels with a white pants suit.

Teal green kitten heel court shoe with tassels from Mr Price - (R169)

Look out for belts, bags and jewellery in different shades and textures to bring mother nature's colour to your style.

If you thought that the forest inspired hue was reserved for the wardrobe, think again. Makeup brands have caught onto the trend. You can now find various shades of green eyeshadows and you'll even find a green lipstick if you're feeling particularly daring. Celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner have both added a shade of green lipstick to their Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics collections.

GloMinerals eyeshadow in Rainforest from salons and spas - (R325)

As per any makeup rule, draw attention to either your lips or eyes at a time. So please don't wear green eyeshadow and lipstick at the same time. Shimmer green eyeshadows are great for events! Bright green nail polish is it colour right now (so put down that boring red).

Apple green Mavala nail varnish available from Clicks and Dis-Chem - (R87)