Gaga in an over-sized Saint Laurent blue faux-fur coat.

Kendall, Rihanna and Gaga are just some of the big names who’ve sported next season’s biggest (literally) macrotrend – voluminous clothing that’s looser, larger and shifting into brand new shapes. 

Who could forget Gaga stepping out in that electric-blue Saint Laurent statement coat? Or Kendall and Rihanna rocking Saint Laurent’s hairiest, heart-iest cape? 2019 is bringing these styles back with over-sized everything, so get ready for an exciting masculine-feminine mix-up as a new hybrid hits Insta feeds everywhere.

Chris Viljoen, Fashion Director at says,  “Next year, the most exciting shift we’ll see is a huge change in shape. The previous silhouette was skinny and tight. Now, we’re moving to a completely new space, led by a ‘pants revolution’. Trousers are already becoming looser and more voluminous, with higher waists for women. Jackets are sure to follow. Think bigger lapels, lower buttons, and a style that sits over the hip.”

Viljoen and Anja Joubert, Trends Director at, share a few more of the top fashion trends for 2019:

  • More than a hint of a print: Passion for prints will continue with animal-everything and checks making the biggest impact.
  • We’ll get earthy: Next year’s new essentials will be an array of earth-coloured items in stone, rust and other spice-inspired tones.
  • There’ll be a lot of utility: We’ll update go-to basics with utility details like patch-pockets and top-stitching. But we’ll also keep it ‘femme’ by adding floaty dresses or romantic tops.
  • The return of sporty spice: In addition to spice-palettes, expect sporty accessories like utility bags, bucket hats, and chunky ‘sneaks’ that provide the perfect styled finish to most looks.
  • It’s still about individuality: We all have to find our own ‘uniform’ – our own fashion formulas. That’s what makes fashion so exciting. Everything is always in! It’s about what you do with the clothes – how you put them together to let your style shine through.

We all influence each other, all the time: We influence as much as we’re influenced. Being part of a connected global village – and the ubiquity of social media – means everywhere is as on trend as everywhere else! We’re all setting trends and following them all the time. Whether we’re seeking out fashion consciously or subconsciously, our connectedness means we’re influenced – and influencing – all the time. Think of Trevor Stuurman at Lagos Fashion Week. He owned the catwalk in Nigeria – and the pages of French and British Vogue just a few days later.

Counter-trends count: 

The more the world opts for oversized, the more there’ll be counter-trends that stress skinny, sexy, body-fitting styles and other ‘rebellious’ reactions. That’s why we love fashion right?