Biking shorts have joined the casual shorts club. Picture: Supplied

Adored by television reality star Kim Kardashian-West, biking shorts have really escalated to the top in the line of trending clothing items for women. Often worn when going to the gym or participating in any physical activity (like cycling as originally intended), biking shorts have become an interesting pair of bottoms worn as part of a casual outfit for women. 

Kardashian-West is known for wearing biking shorts made from her husband, rapper Kanye West’s Yeezy line for Adidas, in different hues of grey, beige and black. 

In South Africa, major retail brands like Mr Price have jumped onto the biking shorts bandwagon by releasing their own line of casual biking shorts. Here are a few ways to rock a pair of biking shorts off the bicycle and outside of the gym. 

Oversized shirt

Don a dark pair of biking shorts and match it up with an oversized linen shirt or t-shirt in a brighter colour - or go classic by wearing an oversized white shirt. Pair your outfit with ankle boots or pumps for a desired stylish look. 

Kourtney Kardashian in an oversized t-shirt. Picture: Supplied

Look Athletic

If you want to look like you came from the gym but didn’t break a sweat, then it’s best to style your biking shorts with a crop top, a sweatshirt or a hooded jacket and some trainers. The trainers bring the whole together, allowing you to get away with the idea that you went to a cycling class (take some inspiration from Lady Di). 

Pop some colour

If you don’t feel like wearing monotonous, boring colours - then add some colour to your outfit by wearing neon-coloured biking shorts. The brighter the colour, the brighter your outfit - you are bound to catch attention and be the centre of the room.

Look semi-professional

Did you know that you could look semi-professional with a pair of biking shorts? No? 

Well if you pair your biking shorts with a blazer or trench coat, it brings a sense of stylish professionalism - but as a wildcard, because we’re not sure if you’re actually allowed to walk into your office wearing biking shorts but you could try.