Ashley Graham has become the first world-famous, plus-size model to sign a beauty contract. (Pic: Instagram)

American model Ashley Graham thinks her new deal with Revlon is a "groundbreaking" moment for the industry.

The 30-year-old beauty has just become the first world-famous, plus-size model of her generation to sign a beauty contract, and Ashley has hailed her landmark achievement.

She explained: "Historically, curvy girls are not given beauty contacts."

In fact, Ashley admitted she even shed a few tears when she agreed the deal.

The American star shared: "It's kind of groundbreaking, because in my generation of models, this hasn't happened yet. This is one of those moments where I'm over the moon, I cried a little."

Ashley explained that fashion brands have increasingly used plus-size models in their campaigns over recent years.

And she believes that her curvaceous figure is more representative of normal American women than most models.

Ashley said: "You've been slowly seeing [curvy] models pop up in make-up campaigns, but you haven't heard of any actually signing contracts, and I think it's because [companies] just want to get their feet wet. It's like, 'Hmmm, let's try this bold curvy thing now and see if it's real or see if it's a trend.'

"The average American woman is a size 14 and if you ask me, lipstick does not have a size."

Meanwhile, Ashley previously hit out at the plus-size label, describing it as "divisive".

She explained: "I think the word 'plus-size' is so divisive to women. I think that when you use the word 'plus-size' you're putting all these women into a category, 'You don't eat well.' 'You don't work out'. 'You could care less about your body.' 'You're insecure.' 'You have no confidence.'"