Ty Hunter has relished the experience of collaborating with the chart-topping singer to create some of her most stylish looks over the last decade.

Asked to name his favourite Beyoncé look since he started working with her, Ty said: "I know this sounds crazy but my favourite moment was 'Crazy in Love'. 

"The tank top and denim shorts. Because they were always so glammed out, we wanted to do something stripped down that the kids could emulate. And everybody did. That was the video when she really transformed into a woman. I cried on the set actually."

Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" music video. (Pinterest)

Ty explained that even though he's worked with Beyoncé for years, he's still in awe of her.

And the stylist considers himself fortunate to have teamed up with the 'Formation' hitmaker.

Speaking to W magazine, Ty shared: "I'm always so in the moment so whenever I have a chance to sit back and look at her I'm still in awe to this day. 

"I went to the last concert - I did On the Run but didn't do On the Run II - and, for me to sit in the audience, and see how spectacular she is, Beyoncé is just everything. I don't have the words for it sometimes. 

"Every time when I think she's had a win, she outdoes it. It's an honour and a blessing to be able to work with her."