Body-Konfident owner Kim-Lee Ricketts on inclusive fashion and empowering women

Body-Konfident owner Kim-Lee Ricketts. Picture: Supplied

Body-Konfident owner Kim-Lee Ricketts. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 15, 2022


There’s nothing more fierce than a confident woman. When a woman feels confident she feels like she can do just about anything.

Industrial psychologist Kim-Lee Ricketts has created a fashion range to help boost any women’s confidence.

Her label Body-Konfident is an inclusive range that allows women to feel empowered.

Ricketts answered our questions about her collection, women in business and how she wants to change how women think about their bodies.

What inspired you to create Body-Konfident?

As a woman, I have always been passionate about creating spaces where other women feel safe and comfortable to be their true and authentic selves.

As an Industrial Psychologist and mentor to young girls and women, I wanted to create a movement within fashion by creating an inclusive range that encourages us all to claim our space and show up as our best selves. To not seek external validation, but instead, be confident enough to draw from our own internal strength while celebrating the diversity of who we are.

Body-Konfident is a love letter to myself, and every other woman out there. To let them know that when we truly love every inch of who we are, we harness a power that will see us exceed our own expectations and achieve success by our own standards.

Body-Konfident owner Kim-Lee Ricketts. Picture: Supplied

Tell us more about Body-Konfident and how you got your business off the ground?

I absolutely love fashion as I have always recognised that it can be a powerful tool, but being a curvy girl I struggled to find garments that make me feel comfortable with my shape. I also lead a very busy life and always find myself jumping between my home, professional, and social commitments. I soon realised that I lacked a wardrobe that had garments that were multi-purposed and interchangeable.

After conducting research, I discovered that I was not the only person experiencing this. I started collaborating with other local female-owned clothing manufacturers, workshopping various patterns, fabrications, and designs until I found the right collection that truly represented women and where they are.

I started showcasing my Body-Konfident range at various exhibitions and events, listening to and taking in feedback, and making sure my customers knew that they were being heard and that their needs are being met.

Through the power of collaboration, women supporting women, and so much love and support from the amazing people who have followed my journey, it has now become the trusted brand it is today.

Who’s the team behind the label?

It definitely does take a dynamic and passionate group of like-minded individuals to make a vision come to life.

My husband and I are the founders and developers of my brand, and I work with local manufacturers who specialise in various elements.

The beauty of my brand is that my team also includes all my followers and supporters. As much as I create beautiful clothes, the source of inspiration and direction comes from the many stories I come into contact with on a daily basis.

This range is for all the women out there who, despite their challenges and struggles, choose to step up and stand out.

What type of woman would you say your garments are for?

Upon designing my range, I really wanted to take women back to basics. I chose clean lines, fabrics that do not crease easily, and garments that worked together as one look and also separately to enhance any existing wardrobe of any shape and size. I feel so excited to have created a brand and range that initiates an open-ended conversation with regard to body image, self-love, and simply getting back to the essence of you. The range is for anyone looking for a fresh start and perspective on who they are, and who they can be.

How do women feel wearing your garments?

The response has been so overwhelming as my brand makes its way into the wardrobes of so many women locally and internationally. My intention was not only to create garments, but to also create a range that deconstructs falsities about body image and liberates women into becoming the best version of themselves.

In fact, I went completely left field in my approach to design, where the clothes are simplistic and sophisticated, with a quiet confidence that allows the individual wearing it to shine. The true hero of this range is the woman wearing it.

What advice do you have for women who want to start their own business?

Never feel that you have to operate within silos, but instead, break barriers and create opportunities for collaboration. Do not limit yourself, even though you may feel that your ideas do not meet the status quo, be confident in your ideas and know that when you are led by passion, you will always achieve greater heights.

Last but not least, do not be discouraged by set-backs. Every experience will build resilience as you navigate your business. Always welcome opportunities to grow and learn lessons, even if they are harsh.

I am learning that the journey is way more important than the actual destination. So cherish those you meet along the way, never allow people to push you into acting out of your own character and always extend a helping hand and be the life-changing opportunity for the next aspiring entrepreneur.

What future plans do you have for the brand?

My dream is to see Body-Konfident expand its range, broadening our offering in fashion spaces, and using garments as a vehicle to change how women see themselves.

I would also like to see my brand activate and unlock other avenues for women within education, skills development, and corporate engagement, meeting needs outside of the wardrobe and into communities.