Collecting trends in vintage fashion at the Antiques Faire

A classic carat at the Spring National Antiques Faire. Picture: Supplied

A classic carat at the Spring National Antiques Faire. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 19, 2019


The Mall of Africa is hosting the Spring National Antiques Faire, an event that is focused on vintage fashion, jewellery, and accessories. 

Taking place at the Crystal Court on September 27-29, events like this have become popular with collectors around the world. 

With the Art Deco period coming into its own as it nears its 100-year mark, more and more collectors are looking for that unique jewellery piece, a 1920’s flapper dress and stole or are getting into the vintage design craze with a Louis Vuitton or Hermès bag, shoes or scarf.

The oldest operational designer label is considered to be Hermès, started in 1837 and still renowned today for their timeless elegance and uncompromising production standards. 

For nearly two hundred years, the expertise and consideration that goes into the design of haute couture accessories and garments, has commanded high prices and A-list clientele that have become synonymous with particular labels.

A stylish Hermès bag. 

"Those of us in the business of antique, vintage and pre-loved items have to work doubly hard to ensure that all the articles on offer to the public are authentic and reflective of the quality associated with the artist, craftsperson or designer whose name is on the work. 

"As a result, authentications and valuations play a sizeable role in our business models to ensure our offerings are of the highest standard possible, authenticated by Authenticate First in New York or by the design houses themselves. 

"As an extra service, Designer Collective DC offer a certificate of Authentication for the items purchased, that can be used for insurance purposes as well as peace of mind," said Deborah Hall of Designer Collective DC. 

Collectors can look forward to a wide selection of designers, vintage and luxury accessories who will be exhibiting at the National Antiques & Décor Faire in the Crystal Court of the Mall of Africa from September 27-29. 

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