DJ Khaled's son Asahd Tuck Khaled
DJ Khaled and son Asahd Tuck Khaled twinning on the Grateful cover (pic: Instagram)

Happy Father’s Day to all the cool and not so cool dads and father figures!! Today is your day to shine for all the things you do for your loved ones. Here are some of our stylish and trendy celebrity dads who dotes on their sons.

David Beckham and sons

In 2016 soccer star David Beckham was voted Britain's best-dressed man by British Heat magazine readers. Now sons Brooklyn (18), Romeo (14) and Cruz (12) are following their dad’s stylish footsteps. Eldest son Brooklyn started his modeling career at age of 15 and second born Romeo starred in the 2013 spring/summer campaign Burberry campaign at age 10.

David and his son Brooklyn Beckham. Picture: Instagram

Brooklyn even beat dad David in the 25th GQ magazine best-dressed list. He was ranked 25 whereas dad David came in 46th.

Jaden and Will Smith

Will Smith and son Jaden

“I am Legend” star Will Smith is a classically slick and stylish dad but son Jaden is the complete opposite. Will has accepted his son’s unconventional style, which has been described as “gender fluid” saying that Jaden is “100% fearless”. 18 year old Jaden appeared in the 2016 Louis Vuitton's womenswear campaign wearing a skirt. He continues to break the gender rules through his unique sense of style and rapidly becoming a fashion icon to today’s youth.

Jaden Smith featured in the Louis Vuitton campaign (pic: Instagram)

DJ Khaled and son Asahd Tuck Khaled

Asahd Tuck Khaled might only be four months old but he and DJ dad are nailing the twinning trend. DJ Khaled even created an Instagram page for his son to show off his cuteness, dressed in preppy onesies and funky sneakers. Father and son rocked up at this year’s Grammy Awards wearing matching tuxedos. Little Asahd might not have any choice in what he wears just yet but I’m sure that in a few years time he will be one of those insta toddler fashionistas. He already has his own page with 771k followers.

Wiz Khalifa with son Sebastian (pic: Instagram)

Wiz Khalifa and son Sebastian

This father and son duo are so cool that they even launched their own father-son clothing line in 2016. The collection called BASH – By Junk Food is a collaboration with the L.A.-based fashion retailer Junk Food Clothing. BASH is 4 year old Sebastian’s nickname. Wiz told People that the collection was a natural extension of his and his son's shared sense of style. "I shop with him a lot, and we match often," Khalifa explained. "He's definitely got my sense of style. Everybody tells me how fresh he usually looks, from store-bought stuff, so we're making his own stuff now."