Diesel recreates the world’s oldest jeans in honour of Heritage Month

Recycled denim at the Diesel Heritage Exhibition. Picture: Supplied

Recycled denim at the Diesel Heritage Exhibition. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 9, 2021


To commemorate Heritage Month, Diesel is honouring Genoa, the birthplace of jeans, by presenting a reproduction of the oldest jeans fabric ever documented in history.

According to reports, during 1 760-80, local townspeople and labourers in Genoa were first seen (and depicted) wearing jeans as part of their daily outfits. The most common denim colours at the time were indigo, brown and white.

“A nativity figurine by Pasquale Navone (1746 – 1791) shows a man with denim trousers (woven diagonally, 2 to 1, in a blue cotton weft and white linen warp) that appear remarkably like iterations from the modern era. This sculpture represents the oldest historical instances of jeans. It may be viewed at Museo Giannettino Loxoro, which is situated in Genoa,” says Diesel.

The brand has duplicated the original fabric and garment as they existed 300 years ago, using handmade Italian textiles and workmanship. The recreation is displayed at the Genova Jeans Fair in Genoa, which opened on September 6.

About the exhibition, Diesel said: “The inaugural edition of the fair brings to life the history, evolution, and innovation of jeans-making in a multifaceted showcase that emphasises sustainability; where a series of immersive, informational experiences are on display.

“This includes a multi-part exhibition from Diesel that centres on the heritage of its jeans, its journey towards a more sustainable denim product and practice, and how the company has utilised jeans to help transform the world of advertising.”