A model walks the runway at the Thom Browne Fall 2007 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

London - A designer called Thom Browne who took part in London Fashion week, is widely credited with having invented the mankle – the tendency of certain young men to roll up their chinos and display what can only be described as a total lack of socks.

Last summer in the UK, mankles – a mix of “man” and “ankles” – were everywhere, including in an insightful feature in Esquire magazine.

But the mankles makes pale men look like tossers. And perhaps because they’ve finally realised that what’s okay for olive-skinned Mediterraneans may not be okay for them, the mankle has been less in evidence so far this year.

Which leads us back what all should wear in summer with full-length trousers – light socks and a sensible and not-too-heavy pair of shoes. – The Independent