Elon Musk ‘loves’ his AI avatar in Indian attire, Twitterati welcomes ‘Indian groom’

SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Picture: Reuters/Joe Skipper

SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Picture: Reuters/Joe Skipper

Published Jun 5, 2023


Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Saturday hailed an artificial intelligence (AI)-generated image of him dancing in Indian attire, where his digital avatar is seen wearing a sherwani surrounded by people in traditional dresses.

The Twitter handle DogeDesigner tweeted the image of Musk wearing the traditional Indian dress, generally meant to be worn on wedding occasions.

“A midjourney art of Elon Musk in an Indian attire is going viral in India,” he posted.

Musk replied: "I love it."

Musk's AI-generated image in a sherwani left several Indian Twitter users in awe.

"@elonmusk dancing on kala chasma! Let's sink it!" posted one Musk follower.

"Magical country with some amazing traditions," another posted.

A follower commented: “Goodness me! @elonmusk looks real Indian groom.

— Vikash (@iVikashDev) June 4, 2023

"Nice. It seems Sherwani brings out a big smile on you. India loves you back," posted another.

Last month, the outgoing Twitter CEO said that he likes Indian food like butter chicken with naan, which according to one of his subscribers, is "insanely good".

Several Indian Twitter users pitched him to try local cuisines, like Hyderabadi biryani, dosa and even home-cooked meals.

Musk's growing love for things that are all Indian comes as Tesla is looking for a new gigafactory location and according to the billionaire, India is very much part of his scheme of things if all goes well.

In an interview with “Wall Street Journal” last month, when asked if India is an interesting choice for a new Tesla location, Musk responded: “Absolutely.”

Reports also surfaced that a team of senior Tesla executives was reportedly planning to visit India to explore entering the niche EV market and expand its footprint beyond China.