The new Gavin Rajah summer collection. Picture: Supplied.
The new Gavin Rajah summer collection. Picture: Supplied.

Gavin Rajah opens New NPO -The White Light Movement

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Nov 12, 2018

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Prominent fashion designer, Gavin Rajah has opened a new non-profit organisation — The White Light Movement. 

The White Light Movement is an initiative aimed at providing some form of empowerment to women who have been victims of gender-based violence and abuse.

Rajah’s new initiative seeks to help through equipping these women with the skills they  need to make it on their own, and provide for their families and future generations.

“I have finally got my own non-profit company registered and can proudly announce  that we will be offering support for women who are victims of gender-based violence.  These women have been trained by me and assisted in creating upcoming @home  collection. 

"With The White Light Movement, I am striving towards initiating social  transformation by creating employment for these women who are sole breadwinners,
who are victims of abuse and or have children who have been subjected to abuse.”

The White Light Movement was sparked by Rajah’s work with UNICEF where he  witnessed the devastation caused to families by gender-based violence and child  abuse.

“Without social and economic transformation,’ continues Rajah. “We are not initiating  long-term change in the lives of these vulnerable people. With the employment rate  at an all-time low and violence against women and children steadily increasing, it is  important to empower these women with the skills they need to uplift themselves so  that future generations do not end up in the same situations.”

The White Light Movement aims to be more than a saviour, with its core mission being  to help these women rescue themselves. Gavin is personally training the women - who  have had an active role in the production of his latest lifestyle collection for @home. 

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