karina Nigay in Paris for the Haute Couture. Picture: Instagram.
One of the biggest fashion shows in the world, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is currently underway at Grand Palais, Paris. 

The Paris Fashion Week officially started on 17 January with menswear where as the exquisite haute couture took off on January 22 and will last until January 25. 

Over thirty top designers, including Chanel, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Elie Saab, Fendi, Versace and Azzaro Couture just to name a few are all part of the lineup, showing their latest spring/summer 2018 collections. 

What seems to be the latest trends are 3D designs, detailed garments and of course, eye dropping makeup. 

Judging from the highlights seen so far, dark colours such as black, bottle green, silver and the dark golden for Versace are in for the season. 

White could not be left out as it matches perfectly with any colour but this time around, they’ve taken it to the traditional way of mixing it with black, just a bit more creative than usual. 

Chanel went back to their roots, starting off with their signature suits and later revealing elegant detailed gowns featured with ponytails and veils. 

WATCH: Chanel Haute Couture full show

Showcasing today at Paris Haute Couture is Rvdk Ronald Van Der Kemp, Hyun Mi Nielsen, Af Vandevorst, Maison Robih Kayrouz, Christophe Josse, Xuan and Noureddine Amir, 

-Source: FWO