Juicy Couture tracksuits have made a come back. Picture: Instagram
Tracksuits have been trendy for a few seasons, especially in menswear collections, but after a few designers have featured this colourful suit which were typical of the 2000s have definitely made a comeback. Remember celebrities Paris Hilton and J.Lo and their pink tracksuits and when people wore tracksuits everywhere, even to work.

They are probably part of the top 10 of our memories for the 2000s. Even if you might not be in the mood to go back to those times, don’t worry you don’t have to wear a all pink Juicy Couture tracksuit to follow this trend. You will look fashionable even with a more laid-back one. All you have to do is wear it with the right accessories and you’re sorted.

When in doubt wear pink
There is so much nostalgia attached to verlour tracksuits especially the pink ones. Juicy Couture has a new addition of the on tend jogger style, the look becomes a more tailored one rather than the sloppy flared leg trend of the past. The return to Juicy Couture tracksuit have been endorsed by many fashinistas and celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

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You can wear classics.

Keep the classic look with Adidas tracksuit but give it edge by pairin it up with heels or mules and accessorizing with pair of earrings.

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If you’re looking to add a sophisticated touch:

If you want to style your look with a more sophisticated touch it would be more with the athleisure trend which is one of the biggest trends currently.  Pairing your tracksuit bottoms with more sophisticated jacket like a fur coat on stylish bomber jacket. An awesome way to transition the pants from a day to night look.

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