Fashion and beauty influencer Aqeelah Harron-Ally. (Photographer Abdul Malick Ally)

From fashion tips and beauty tricks to dressing modestly as a married Muslim woman, 28-year-old Aqeelah Harron-Ally is one of South Africa’s first fashion bloggers who has genuinely stood the test of time. 

Aqeelah shares tip on how to be fashionable this summer yet remain modest, as well as her favourite beauty look.

"Dresses are your best friend. When you put on a dress, you're already dressed! I love investing in modest, lightweight frocks that cover everything I need to have covered," says Aqeelah. 

"People also tend to think you're "dressed up" when you wear a dress. So basically, you're going to look like you've made an effort all while keeping cool. Top off the look with your favourite accessories," she adds.

Aqeelah Harron-Ally loves summer dresses. (Photographer Abdul Malick Ally)

Top 5 summer looks:

  • Summery dresses
  • Printed and neon pieces
  • Matching sets
  • Turbans

Matching sets. (Photographer Abdul Malick Ally)

What's your favourite summer makeup look?

Glowing skin will never date. I love a dewy complexion with liquid highlighter on the cheekbones, topped off with a slick of mascara and a bright pop of colour on your lips.