Rihanna can rock any sunglasses. Picture: Stephanie Mahe/Reuters

No matter the season you will always need a good pair of sunglasses. Gerry Cupido puts together a simple guide to select a frame to complement the shape of your face.

Rihanna is one of the lucky one’s who gets to wear any shape frame. (Pic: Reuters)

Oval Face: Rihanna - Pretty much anything

Your options are endless. Pick a shape you like and you're good to go. Why would you stick to one shape then. Add a variety of shapes to your collection. Try to pick a frame that isn't much wider than your face.

Kerry Washington, heart-shape. (Pic: AF)

Heart-Shaped Face: Kerry Washington - Cat-eye and aviators

Cateye - By Vogue eyewear

Contrary to the rule of opposite for square or round shape faces, you want the frame to copy the shape of your face. Cat-eye and aviators are wider at the top and slightly tapered at the bottom, which means they are similar to a heart shape.

Angelina Jolie, Square face shape (Pic:Instagram)

Square Face: Angelina Jolie - Round frames

Round glass - By Dolce & Gabbana

In the same way a square frame balances out a round shaped face, a round frame will balance out a square face. Choose frames with round or curved corners.

Olivia Munn, round face shape (Pic: Reuters)

Round Face: Olivia Munn - Wayfarers or square frames

Square sunglasses - By Miu Miu

If you have a round shaped face, it’s best to go for square framed sunglasses. Any round shaped glasses would be a big no-no. They will only make your face appear even rounder.