Show off your earrings and necklace when you're not wearing them, with a wall-mounted hanger. Pottery Barn's pine and iron wall-mounted jewellery hanger. Photo by: Pottery Barn — The Washington Post
When it comes to storing jewellery , there is no shortage of organizing options. In fact, the choices can feel overwhelming, however, the best choice is usually determined simply by the of space available.

But before you run out and buy hooks, trays, dishes or boxes, take an inventory of your collection. Pair earrings, untangle necklaces, make sure watches have batteries and set aside pieces you no longer wear.

Once you know what you have, you can consider which storage options make the most sense. As a general note, all jewellery is best kept away from extreme heat and bright light, in a relatively dry space with a consistent temperature.


If you have extra drawer space, try drawer inserts. The key is compartmentalization to prevent things from getting jumbled or lost.

In smaller drawers, you can stack padded jewellery trays. In larger drawers, you can customize storage with different types and sizes of trays or an expandable tray. 
Substitute ice cube trays for standard jewellery trays. You can also use items as fancy as antique teacups or decorative gift boxes inside drawers to separate rings, earrings and bracelets.

Silver pieces are best kept in anti-tarnish bags or in closed boxes to limit air exposure.


One inexpensive and trendy option is hanging necklaces and bracelets on a pegboard, which allows maximum flexibility for rearranging pieces or adding new ones. Try a decorative bulletin board, with pins called T-pins to hold up the jewellery .

If you would rather enclose your collection, consider a wall-mounted cabinet. Jewellery cabinets, or armoires, are available in basic designs; others are outfitted with mirrors, LED lights, locks and even speciality fabrics to prevent tarnishing. 

If those options seem too elaborate, hooks designed to hold keys, ties and belts also work, as do adhesive hooks, which can be stuck anywhere and won't cause damage when removed.

Surface storage

Using surface space to store jewellery gives you maximum flexibility to move things around.

Jewellery boxes range from large and elaborate to small and basic, but all have limited storage capability. Other options include open-tiered stands and "trees," designed specifically for necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings. It's fun to add a little personality and colour by using special dishes or even a tiered dessert stand.

Serious accessory collectors should consider an armoire. Shown, a seven-drawer jewellery armoire with mirror from Joss & Main. Photo by: Joss & Main — The Washington Post
If jewellery is your passion and you need things to be stored away but easily accessed, you may consider an actual piece of furniture. Jewellery armoires are available in a variety of sizes and finishes and have the benefit of not actually looking like storage.

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