Any kind of shopping has become a daunting task. Picture: Pexels
Any kind of shopping has become a daunting task. Picture: Pexels

How to shop for clothes during level 4: Know the returns policy and know your size

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published May 15, 2020

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I recently watched the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. The movie took me back to a time, which now feels like a distant memory, where ladies could freely move in and out of their fashion boutiques and escape into a wonderland of luxurious fabrics and eye catching designs. 

Now shopping has become an almost nerve-racking experience, one you would rather avoid unless absolutely necessary. 

With level 4 restrictions in place, clothing stores are now allowed to sell winter items. Which means that pretty much all clothing stores are open. 

When the lockdown status changed to level 4, business owners and consumers were to happy find out that more business sectors will be opening.

One of the new regulations includes the sale of winter wear, accessories and winter bedding.

As we all know by now any kind of shopping, even if it’s to pop into the corner shop to buy bread and milk, is no longer an easy task. 

Besides always having to wear a mask, which is mandatory, you have to be vigilant about keeping hands sanitized. I’m one of those people who sanitizes their hands at least 5 times while I'm in a store. Then of course you don’t want to be anywhere near another person. 

All of these factors make looking through rails of clothes trying to find something you like and as quickly as possible a bit of a challenge. 

We are so used to collecting an armful of garments and heading off to the changing room and take our time trying them on. 

Is this something you would even consider doing now? 

Would you put something against your skin knowing that it has been touched by many hands, sanitized or not?

Personally I feel extremely uncomfortable just thinking about it. 

So how do you walk out of the store not having tried on a garment? 

Shopping without trying on a garment is pretty much the same as shopping online. Only difference is that you can touch it. 

Here are a few tips on how to walk out a store with an item that’s most likely to fit. 

Take measurements of your legs, arms, shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Check sizing charts to determine your size eg: Large or 34 etc. Our measurements change (especially during lockdown) so don’t depend on what size you used to be or think you are. 

Having said that, we all know that a size small at one store can in fact be more of an extra small in another store. 

If you tend to shop at the same stores you will have an idea as to how the sizes vary. 

Otherwise it’s a good idea to always have those measurements with you so that you can check an individual garment.

We all like to stay on trend but now isn’t the time to buy styles you’ve never worn before, like new shaped jeans for example. We’re in lockdown after all.

Before purchasing anything, enquire about the return policy of the store. This might vary from store to store. According to consumer journalist Wendy Knowler, Woolworths, Pick'n Pay and Pep have lifted their returns ban.

As with any item that you bring into your home, please make sure that the garment is washed before wearing it.

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