All swagy in Red Thread Apparel X.
What a dream come true it is for a teenage boy who will be showcasing at the very first Fashion Street Show at Cannes Film Festival. Daniel Moleka, 19, a first-year student at Fedisa and founder of RedThread Apparel X, a menswear label, is thrilled to be invited to showcase on such big platform after being at the design school for only three months.

Moleka, who has two collections under his belt, namely Elysian Fields and No Zleep, is working on his upcoming collection, Immortals. With a mix of street wear and haute couture, this collection is what he’s taking to the international stage.

“The Immortal collection is a way for me to honour my uncle who died last year. It’s a collection that highlights the subject of immortality and how to stay alive even after you’re gone. The only way to do that is to leave your mark on the world,” he said. “Showcasing at the very first Fashion Street Show of the Cannes Film Festival means there will be a lot to come because it’s a chance to go international and to gauge my current level.”

Stylish in Red Thread Apparel X. 

As this is the biggest opportunity he has had so far for 2018, he will be focusing on developing this collection and getting the brand out there.

“RedThread was the first thing that I decided to do on my own. When I started it, I didn’t really know much about the fashion industry. I just had the passion for it. I keep learning new things every day and, honestly, it’s something that I love to do. I love RedThread and I hope that I can get far with it.

To me, it’s not about the money or the fame. It’s all about getting my vision and my art out there, and I appreciate all my clients and I’m really thankful to them for appreciating what I do. I also have a few people who are helping me to make my vision a reality and I’m forever grateful to them,” he said.

Moleka experienced a trial by fire last year when he showcased selected garments at the No Zleep Fashion Show at The Castle of Good Hope. Although he was delighted to showcase his designs for the first time, Moleka says he was nervous, too. He says the experience has taught him a lot about what to expect at future fashion extravaganzas.

Daneil Moleka, founder of Red Thread Apparel X. 

He says he’s learnt a lot about the fashion industry and has earned a few stars to his name as his garments are being worn by celebrities, such as MTV presenter Kim Jade and influencer Donovan Fernando.

The very first Fashion Street Show in the history of the Cannes Film Festival, in collaboration with the international TV channel LUXE-TV, sponsored by Maison Prada, will take place at Cannes, France, from May 8-19.

* Stay in touch with Moleka via the RedThread Facebook page and @redthread_apparel_ on Instagram.

-Sunday Independent