Janelle Monaé for W Magazine. Picture: Instagram

Janelle Monaé has her hair gelled down, with a natural make-up look and dressed in suits and a trench coat, for the photo shoot directed by film maker Jordan Peele, titled 'Noir Wave'.

The shoot has Monaé channeling the dark, two-dimensional world of film making, channeling poses from the Hitchcock-era that was dominated by the white man, featuring the presence of shadows and the constant facial expression of a daunting character. Peele uses Monaé to distort gender and racial stereotypes, through the use of androgynous clothing. 

'Noir Wave' is the first photo shoot collection in a three-part series for W Magazine. The second photo shoot is titled 'Sister My Sister'directed by Luca Guadagnino, an emotional tribute to the novel and the film Call Me By Your Name, which stars models Adwoa Abuoah and Rianne van Rompaey. 

The third photo shoot is titled 'The Domestic Kingdom of Terror and Beauty' directed by multi-award nominated director Greta Gerwig. It stars eccentric musician Florence Welch, who portrays a housewife with a wild imagination, based on the film Lady Bird.