The new Levi's SilverTab collection. Picture; Instagram.
Levi’s has various styles and collections that are loved by many, but the reintroduction of SilverTab for  men, with its ’90s attitude has never been more fitting. The ongoing obsession with the ’90s is reaching  full swing, and Levi’s® SilverTab® was the jeans style of that era—so why not bring back the denim that
ruled the ’90s?

“We are really excited to reintroduce and reissue SilverTab, which is a ’90s youth denim collection from  Levi’s—it’s oversized, baggy, very street and hip-hop inspired. It’s just a lot of fun,” says  Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s Head of Design. 

Looking all swaggy in a Levi's SilverTab dungaree. Picture: Instagram. 

Worn and loved by a generation, the Levi’s  SilverTab  series was made up of baggy jeans and overalls,  and for 2018, they’re introducing different finishes. Non-stretch denim and bold stripes that will take you  straight back to the ’90s, when bleached hair was cool and it was okay to coordinate your outfits with
your crew

Levi’s SilverTab is available in Levi’s stores.