Celebrating Levi's through dance. Picture: Supplied.
Levi’s has announced the launch of the fifth installment of its “Live in Levi’s®” campaign, “Circles.” Created in partnership with FCB West, “Circles” is a celebration of the brand’s individuality and connection through music and dance.

“Circles” aims to recognize the connection across different global communities  and find the joy in their individuality.

“Across generations, decades and communities, people wear Levi’s® jeans as a canvas for  authentic self-expression. And the brand is defined by the stories people tell about them. The  ‘Live In Levi’s®’ platform is a celebration of all the ways that people wear Levi’s®, said Jennifer Sey, Chief Marketing Officer of the Levi’s®.

The campaign uses dance to illustrate the commonalities of self-expression across a variety of cultures, showing that people are more alike than different. 

"The campaign was partly filmed in South Africa, and the music is by Jain - born in France and raised in the  United Arab Emirates and the Congo. The 23-year-old singer is a true product of  multiculturalism; with her music influenced by French techno and African rhythms.

"The song is about South African singer and civil rights leader, Miriam  Makeba. We are really excited to be so well represented as a part of the global Levi’s®  campaign, the spirit of unity and diversity are close to our hearts and our values as a brand are  what set us apart and are worth celebrating” says Candace Gilowey, Marketing Head for Africa  and Pakistan.

The integrated campaign was launched globally on Levi’s® owned digital and social channels. 

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