The new H&M campaign is infused with a dramatic mood of feminine spirituality. Picture: Supplied.
Swedish brand H&M is launching a campaign for its new Studio collection, “Magical Realism". 

Photographed by  Christian MacDonald, styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, this campaign is infused with a dramatic mood of feminine spirituality. It is designed to be timeless, giving confident women a dressing power to unleash their unapologetic fashion sense and express themselves in a way they know how to. 

This collection was inspired by the notion of finding magic. Picture: Supplied. 

“This collection is a celebration of the modern woman. She is deeply free,  empowered and stands up for what she believes in. She dresses for herself, which  translates as a mix of classic shapes with more avant-garde pieces. We chose to  photograph the collection on the bustling streets of New York – a melting pot of  energy and diversity – to represent this spirit of freedom, strength and energy”, says  Ludivine Poiblanc, stylist and creative consultant.

The key pieces  include elegant cotton and viscose blouses as well as fly-in-the-wind, recycled  polyester dresses.

Stylish viscose blouses are trending in this collection. Picture: Supplied. 

“We were inspired by the notion of finding the magic in the everyday. Every piece in  this collection is designed to empower the 24/7 modern woman seeking out clothes  that are long-lasting and timeless but also have a soft, spiritual element, too. There  are so many wardrobe classics in this collection that can be styled to suit an urban  lifestyle and will last for years to come,” says Angelica Grimborg, H&M Studio
Concept Designer.

The new Magical Realism is available at H&M stores.