This influencer received a R1200 Zara gift voucher. Picture: Twitter
This influencer received a R1200 Zara gift voucher. Picture: Twitter

Micro influencers get last laugh as Zara's online shopping campaign goes viral

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Sep 18, 2019

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Do you know that Zara South Africa is now available online? 

If not, you either weren't on social media or slept through all of Tuesday.

On Tuesday, international fashion store Zara rolled out their campaign to create awareness of the fact that South African fashionistas can now shop their favourite looks online. 

This caused much excitement as a large a number of micro-influencers eagerly posted images of the R1200 vouchers they had received from the sought-after brand. 

Some showed items they had already bought or had their eye on. 

Because there were so many influencers posting about it, timelines were flooded with the news about Zara's online store.

This created an awareness faster and to a wider group of fashion followers. Even those who didn't shop at Zara knew!

Even though most people were ecstatic about the fact that new and mostly unknown faces where used, they considered the campaign to be a huge success. 

Then there were those who weren't happy about the fact that the bigger and "famous" influencers weren't used. 

Of course Twitter users didn't sleep on the opportunity to air their views about this. 

For those who expressed their unhappiness about the campaign strategy have been left with egg on their face since it's now quite obvious that the campaign has been a huge success. 

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