Straw hat by Akina. Picture: SDR.
Spring is upon us and it’s time to get ready for the bright season. Before it blooms, make sure you have all the right accessories.


To avoid the sun or when you feel like strolling on the beach, you will have to cover yourself. Invest in a straw hat which will help shade the shoulders as well.

Straw hat by Thebe Magugu. Picture: SDR. 


Hoop earrings have the power to change a simple outfit into something spectacular. Get as many as you can in different sizes so you can rock with the occasion.

Hoop earrings. Picture: Pexels. 

Thong sandals

On a sunny day when you feel like giving your feet a break, thong sandals come in handy. They’re good for running errands or a walk in the park.

Thong sandals. Picture: Pexels. 


Sun Rays are very harmful to the eyes. A pair  of sunglasses is a must-have, preferably black  so that you can wear them with any outfit.

Rocking black sunglasses. Picture: SDR. 

Straw bag

The best way to relax and unwind during spring is by chilling under the shade. Get a nice straw bag so you can pack all your essentials when having a picnic in the park or at the beach.

Straw bag. Picture: Pexels.