At some point in your life you’ve probably wondered where that other sock has disappeared to. Is it happily living a single life on the singles only island?

You put your socks together in the washing machine, yet one of them seems to vanish by the time you need to pair them up. Mom’s everywhere are constantly asking their little ones, “where is your other sock?!”.

Today is National Lost Sock Memorial Day in honour of all the missing and single socks out there.

We had a chat with Nic Haralambous from Nic Harry Style about how to keep your socks together and what to do with those odd socks.

"Men should actually be less concerned with matching these days, so it shouldn’t be a big deal if you lose a sock. Be bold, be daring and wear mismatched socks, like Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau did last week on Star Wars Day (04 May)" say Haralambous.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with his Irish counterpart Enda Kenny prior to a meeting Thursday, May 4, 2017, in Montreal. (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via AP)

For those who are not as daring here's how to keep them together:

Make sure your washing machines and dryers are very well serviced because most of the time, your missing sock has been eaten by the machine.

Washing maintenance. Always a good idea to wash your socks inside out. This way they will last longer, they will rip less frequently, and the colours will stay more vibrant making them easier to find!

Wash all of your socks in a washing-ready bag, that keeps them all together.

Drying your socks outside can be a tricky problem – dogs can jump really high and love to rip socks to shreds. Make sure your socks are properly attached to the drying line or drip dry them on a rack inside.

You could be missing more than an odd sock from your wardrobe and style. Here's some advice from Haralambous  on perfect pairing.

We like to tell men to match at least two things on their body; one thing at the top with one thing at the bottom. This could be a lapel pin with a pair of socks or shoelaces with your tie. If you’re a bit more adventurous, you can do two things on top with two things on the bottom, like complimentary shoes laces with socks and a tie with a pocket square or a scarf.

Generally, colour matching and colour blocking are a good way to go. Wear blues or off-blues or colours that completely don’t match. For shirt and tie combinations, here are some rules of thumb:

  • White shirt, block colour tie – the subtle background allows the wearer more versatility, making the tie the true centre-piece of the outfit. The colour of the tie, however, must complement the suit, e.g. avoid pairing a yellow tie with a grey suit
  • Block colour shirt, block colour tie – the rule of thumb here is for the tie to be a few shades darker than the shirt
  • Block colour shirt, pattern tie – avoid colours by drawing from a basic colour of the tie and paring the shirt to that
  • Patten shirt, block colour tie – think black suit, grey gingham shirt and red tie
  • Pattern shirt, pattern tie – perhaps the boldest look. The trick is to contrast design while matching colour, which means pairing a finer patterned shirt with a larger patterned tie or vice versa

Overall, Nic Harry’s views are that ‘you have the right to choose’ so if you want to choose to match then great, if you want to mismatch that’s great too. The less we all stick to the same palette, the better.

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