The new Nicci collection. Picture: Supplied
The new Nicci collection. Picture: Supplied

Nicci Boutique takes its launch online due to covid-19

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Mar 19, 2020

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Social gatherings have become really awkward, but good too. Following the president's announcement on Sunday night that there should be no gatherings of more 100 people due to the covid-19 outbreak, I attended he Nicci Boutique Autumn/Winter 2020 launch in Hyde Park where access was very limited. 

On any given day, Nicci's launches are always jam-packed but this time around, only a few people were invited. What we've noticed was that there was no physical contact, everyone was just keeping their hands to themselves. Also, when checking out the clothes, only a few did touch them but most of us just looked. 

"The virus has affected the business for sure. Our launch in Hyde Park is normally packed but had to narrow it down completely, we have taken the launch for the very first time into Sandton as well. We have the same stock available in Sandton as well as the other Nicci stores. That’s enabling the customers to shop the same range but not in a crowded situation," said Niki Breger, the owner of Nicci Boutique. 

However, something good came out of the situation because the brand now offers a great online shopping experience. 

" For the very fist time again we have introduced a launch online which is a very big first. So what we’re doing is live coverage on social media, introducing some of the key items to people from the comfort of their own home so they can also shop the items that are launching," said Breger. 

Online shoppers are also getting the Nicci goodie bag, something that the brand always provides for its customers at every launch. 

"We are able to deliver them a goodie bag with their purchases which is very exciting because this is an opportunity to give our loyal customers that don’t want to be in the shopping environment the opportunity to not miss out," added Breger. 

On the new collection, she said "It’s a very exciting season, we’ve got pastles, and we haven’t had those in a very long time. Mint is one of the key colours. Blush pink is also in and the two colours go so well with the already existing colours in your wardrobe such as grey, and black."

The new Nicci collection is available at Nicci stores and online. 

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