Nandi Mbatha's Sun Met look by Quiteria that Anjy Luminee stole.
Nandi Mbatha's Sun Met look by Quiteria that Anjy Luminee stole.

Nigerian designer Anjy Luminee 'steals' Quiteria's designs

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Feb 18, 2020

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Local fashion designer Quiteria Kekana is fuming after Nigerian designer Anjy Luminee reportedly stole his designs without giving him any credit. 

Kekana designed a dress for actress Nandi Mbatha to wear at The Sun Met and seven days later, Luminee posted the same dress in a different colour on Instagram.

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"Any designer would be truly unhappy with having their work replicated - especially without their convent. I’m disappointed. And annoyed but yet at the very same time rewarding knowing that irregardless of the copy cat of my work, I inspired and shaped the fashion narrative. My work had been copied many times before. 

"My dream for every house around the world is to buy and own a Quiteria original. No fakes. I would never allow anyone to treat me as a mess of a designer. I annoy a dress maker," said Kekana. 

Luminee went as far as copying the same hairstyle that Mbatha did and hairstylist, Cluivert Kolanda Tambwe is just as annoyed about Luminee's doings. 

"It really is heart breaking especially so soon after the SunMet. But I guess that’s the price you pay for being a trendsetter," said Tambwe. 

Kekana insists that Luminee could've done better; she should've asked for a collaboration instead of stealing his ideas. 

"I am proud today to be celebrated on world stages. If designers wish to collaborate, give me a call but do not copy something I’ve worked tirelessly on producing. Nandi’s outfit took us a month to conceptualise, sketch, design and make sure she slays at the SunMet. The designer could have phone me," added Kekana. 

Anjy Luminee could not be reached for a comment after several attempts. 

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