'A V-neck on the other hand stretches out the upper body.'

Women whose bodies lack curves should wear clothing with a straight cut such as a sheet dress and they should favour solid colours for the evening, fashion consultants advise.

Sonja Grau, a personal shopper in Germany, said they should also avoid light colours “because they inherently underscore the figure”.

Wool blends that include cashmere or cotton with a bit of stretch in them are recommended in solid colours such as black, grey, brown, blue, camel or berry tones.

“Women with masculine figures should keep away from large, colourful patterns,” said Grau.

Other styles that don’t suit women with androgynous figures include dresses with spaghetti straps or corsages, that have asymmetric designs or are sleeveless.

“A round neckline shouldn’t be too deep or too wide because it could make the upper body look even wider,” said Grau.

“A V-neck on the other hand stretches out the upper body.”

Women who lack feminine curves also should steer clear of tops with a boat-neck cut and deep shoulders. Grau also advises women with broad shoulders to avoid puffy sleeves, winged sleeves, ruching and feminine features such as floret appliques and bows. – Sapa-dpa