CREATIVE: Oscar Ncube. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha.
CREATIVE: Oscar Ncube. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha.
CREATIVE: Oscar Ncube
CREATIVE: Oscar Ncube
Oscar Ncube has parted ways with Vintage Zionist, a brand where he co-partnered with Mandy Newman.

After four years of being a Vintage Zionist, Ncube left the rock 'n roll inspired clothing brand to start something of his own, Dry Bone.

“For about four years before this point of founding Dry Bone I was part of a partnership with a brand called Vintage Zionist, which has since been dissolved.

"This is sort of like my re-branding exercise and Dry Bone came out of my experiences with Vintage Zionist.

"This is almost funny because the name speaks like the rise from the ashes and having a new life with a new feeling. Vintage Zionist is my past and Dry Bone is like my future,” said Ncube.


Leaving the brand to start something afresh comes as a blessing for Ncube because just after Vintage Zionist was dissolved, he landed a great deal with Stylin’Dredz, a hair brand that celebrates ethnic hair.

“This is a very timely godsend opportunity because it was at a point of dissolving the old brand and coming up with a new one.

"Stylin’Dredz has given me an opportunity to do some introspection and redeem myself."

Since chosen by Stylin’Dredz as one of the creative conquerors, Ncube is very excited about the opportunity and aims on using it as a platform to right the wrongs in the fashion industry.

Creative Conqueror, Oscar Ncube. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha. 

“The essence of being a creative conqueror is to find ways to address certain problems within the industry in a very creative and unconventional way. There are a lot of things to conquer in my industry. Fashion is like the number two polluter in the world. There is a lot of issues in the industry of waste overproduction. Even in terms of the humanitarian aspects and fair trade, labour issues need to be sorted out.

"I love fashion and I'm inserting myself in the world of fashion with the goal to right some wrongs that are in the industry and that can go all the way to representation and racism in fashion. There's a lot that I can find solutions to.”

Dry bone is a clothing/lifestyle brand established in 2018, which includes leather jackets, dresses, T-shirts and accessories.

Connect with Ncube via Instagram @oscarncube13