Pearl core: Ropes and ropes of pearls is the fashion and decor trend of 2022

In June 2021, Maria Garzia Chiuri showcased the Dior cruise collection for 2022 in Athens. The collection was designed to reimagine traditional Grecian dress. Picture: Instagram/

In June 2021, Maria Garzia Chiuri showcased the Dior cruise collection for 2022 in Athens. The collection was designed to reimagine traditional Grecian dress. Picture: Instagram/

Published Jan 29, 2022


After the release of “Bridgerton” and the resurgence of other period dramas like “Downton Abbey” on Netflix, Regency core had us lacing up corsets and sporting ankle-length dresses with Empire waistlines in 2021.

However, the trend has only just begun to grow legs with another splintered off from the original.

It’s called “Pearl core” and it’s already been worn by a number of celebrities, including Harry Styles, Gigi Hadid and Usher.

At awards shows, concerts and other glamorous events, we’ve been dazzled with everything from simple and dainty strings of pearls to more ornate designs featuring row upon row of the iridescent gems that drape over collarbones.

So, it’s no wonder that Pinterest Insights revealed a major increase in pearl-related searches on their website.

For 2022, they’ve predicted that people of all ages will embrace these elegant accents in their home decor, jewellery boxes and as a means to enhance their nail art. Pearl-themed parties will also be on the rise, as people opt for pearly gowns and wedding decor.

Another reason for pearls’ popularity is how pearls are created.

Marine oysters and freshwater mussels produce pearls as natural protection against irritants such as parasites that can potentially cause harm to their delicate interiors.

In response, aragonite and conchiolin, in a fluid that coats the irritant, are slowly released by the oyster or mussel to form a coating. As the layers build up, a beautiful pearl is created.

This process can occur naturally, but can also be aided by humans.

According to an article by Forbes, “Unlike every other natural gem, pearls don’t take away from the natural environment but give back. Pearls are farmed in the purest, unpolluted waters, not mined in environmentally-destructive ways.

They are organically-natural, environmentally-sustaining and virtually-renewable, the perfect gem for today’s ecologically-enlightened consumers.”

The trend is still very much associated with grandeur.

The luminous, milky white gemstones were first discovered in the mausoleum of a Persian princess in 420BC, making them the world's oldest jewel. Records also reveal that even in 2300BC, they were given as gifts to Chinese rulers.

In more modern times pearls have become synonymous with visions of Coco Chanel working in her atelier, and Audrey Hepburn eating a Danish and sipping coffee outside a Tiffany's store window.

5 ways to embrace pearl core in 2022:


Necklace with pearls of different shapes. Picture: Instagram

Naturally, wearing pearls as jewellery remains the number one way to embrace this trend.

However, it’s not in the traditional sense we’re used to – the looks we’re seeing range from classy to bold, steering clear of their former reputation for being a favourite accessory of grandmas at church.

Flawless spherical pearls aren't as fashionable as they once were. Instead, jewellery designers are favouring imperfect pearls with irregular shapes and sizes as they provide more individuality for each piece, allowing the wearer to stand out even more.

Baroque pearls are particularly trendy right now because of this. Strands of these gems in various colours are being worn with almost any ensemble, whether dressy or casual.

However, the greatest pearl trend is one of Harry Style’s signature looks – a single pearl earring.

Face art

Pearl face art. Picture: instagram

The hit television series “Euphoria”, which aired in 2019, has put some of the most inspiring make-up looks out into the world.

The gritty subject matter paired with the awe-inspiring cinematography and a cast of talented young adults has highlighted the aesthetic make-up looks each character wears, helping to portray a story of its own.

Since its release, whimsical make-up looks have been making their way on to runway shows and red carpets. At the 2021 Met Gala,

Grimes wore pearl face decor for her look, and Machine Gun Kelly broke the internet with his then-girlfriend, now fiancée, Megan Fox and their co-ordinated ensembles, that included clusters of pearls to enhance his bone structure.

On social media, we’re seeing pearls mainly incorporated into eyeshadow looks. Studded just below the brow and planted on the inner and outer corners of the eye, they enhance most people’s eyes.

Nail art

Pearl nails. Picture: Instgram

Diamanté gems dominated the nail art industry for quite some time before being taken over by intricate designs that are hand-painted.

However, pearls are moving up the ranks as a classy way to elevate nail looks.

The colour is neutral and therefore can be either minimalist or more eccentric, depending on what you’re going for.

For instance, a bride might want to add some iridescent sparkle to her manicure, so adorning French-tip nails with a few pearls here and there would do the trick.

For something more out of the ordinary, coloured pearls of green and pink in excess, paired with whisky flourishes in pastel and white, would look totally chic too.


Pearl face covering. Picture: Instagram

Pearls have always had a place at weddings. The polished bulbs are effortlessly elegant and perfectly complement crisp white gowns of silk and taffeta.

However, in 2022, these beauties are being used in more innovative ways.

From pearl-encrusted bead bands to veils, and even elbow-length gloves dotted with the tiny gems, they’re going to feature at the finest wedding.

When it comes to the wedding decor and cake, expect to see a multitude of tiers iced in white and adorned with lustrous edible pearl sweets for a minimalist finish that ties together the elegant pearl theme.

However, over-doing it with strings of pearls draped over guests’ chairs and tied around centre-pieces is a little too over the top – the aim is to enhance the decor, not overpower it.

Home decor

Pearl chandelier. Picture: Instagram

Pearl decor is definitely having a moment, and just like with the other pearl-related trends, it’s in subtle ways that make an immense difference.

When it comes to decor, elements that mimic the beauty of pearls – all-white furniture, iridescent mother-of-pearl accents, seashell fragments and ornate beading perfectly exemplify pearl core.

However, people are also making statements by adorning floor-to-ceiling mirrors with a pearl-covered frame, or opting for grand chandeliers dripping with strings of pearls.

If you prefer something a little more understated, picture frames and sea-shell sweets dishes are the way to go.

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