Pearl Modiadie partaking in the #blackpantherchallengerSA. Picture: Twitter.
In anticipation of the premiere of 'Black Panther' in cinemas across South Africa this Friday, a new trend has emerged on Twitter’s platform, #BlackPantherChallenge.

The challenge involves fans on social media uploading any image, video, song or memory of their choice that relates to the marvel movie. 

Personalities like Pearl Modiadie, Jesse Suntele, Rorisang Thandekiso, Donovan Goliath, and Candice Modiselle have participated in the challenge through rap, poetry, costumes, and have nominated other personalities to participate. 

Twitter users also partook with images of themselves in African face paint, costumes or contributed to the challenge using spoken word or rapping. 

The #BlackPantherChallenge has brought the superhero fever to South Africans. Check out all the excitement it has brought.