Daniella dos Santos. Picture; Supplied.
Daniella dos Santos. Picture; Supplied.
Nikhil Govender. Picture: Supplied.
Nikhil Govender. Picture: Supplied.
Winners of Ackermans’ 2017 Style Squad Young Fashion Designer Competition are launching their own collections. 

Daniella dos Santos (16) and Nikhil Govender (11) are launching  their very own girls’ and boys’ winter ranges; which will be available at Ackermans
stores across Southern Africa next month.

Everything denim with Daniella dos Santos. Picture: Supplied. 

The Style Squad winter range for girls, designed by dos Santos , comprises 10 must-have  items including a hoodie, jersey, track-top, track-pants, two pairs of jeans, a jacket, a  handbag, a choker and a cap.

Boys can look forward to six stylish items which include two hoodies, a jacket, two track-  pants and a pair of jeans, courtesy of boys category winner,Govender.

The  Nikhil Govender swag. Picture: Supplied. 

Tanya Ruiters, Marketing Specialist at Ackermans, says the two young fashionistas  rose to the various challenges presented to them; showcasing their individual sense of  style and creativity.

“Govender  impressed the judges with his use of bold prints – he took fashion risks that really paid off and made his designs stand out from the crowd.”  Dos Santos, winner of the girls’ category, impressed the judges with her attention-to-detail.  Her designs were intricate and remained true to her natural bohemian, romantic style,”  says Ruiters.

Super stylish in Daniella dos Santos' new collection.  

Ackermans’ annual Style Squad Young Fashion Designer Competition challenges boys  and girls aged between 9 and 15 (at time of entry) to complete various fashion-inspired  tasks. Winners take home an enviable variation of prizes, including an iPad, branded gear, as well as fashion vouchers. 

Monetary prizes awarded to the winners, are R10 000 educational policy (each) and a  contribution to each winners’ school. 

Camouflage and denim swag with Nikhil Govender's new collection. Picture: Supplied. 

They also receive celeb-like exposure in the Ackermans magazine, on the website and social media platforms, as well as being featured on the Sound of Ackermans in-store radio station.  The ultimate prize being the opportunity to design their own clothing ranges and see  their peers don their creations.