Helix tattoo by tattoo artist Zihee (Pic: Instagram)
Helix tattoo by tattoo artist Zihee (Pic: Instagram)
The ear, specifically the helix, has become the hottest spot for tiny tattoos.
If you’re looking to have a tattoo done but want something small and something more permanent than the usual ear piercing, then this is for you. 
The helix is the upper-outer curve of the ear and thanks to Seoul-based tattoo artist, Zihee (@zihee_tattoo), Instagrammers are now posting images showing off their new helix tattoos. Zihee, who has 120k followers, has been creating all kinds of feminine and delicate tattoos illustrating bright flowers and leaves.
If dainty florals are not your thing simple graphic lines are a bit more edgy and they even resemble helix piercings.

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Celebs like Cara Delevingne and Rihanna have inspired tattoo lovers with their on their cartilage tattoos.
Small tattoos are not a new thing but the helix part of the ear is now trending.

Rihanna, who loves her star tattoos, has an outline of a star on her inner ear whereas Delevingne has a diamond shape tattoo on hers.
A few celebs sporting small discreet tattoos include Rita Ora how has a small “R” behind her ear and "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland, has a tiny black and white hummingbird tattoo behind her ear as well.