The “illusion dress”. Picture:
The “illusion dress”. Picture:

Snatched waist? The illusion dress is taking social media by storm

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Oct 19, 2021

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Fashion TikTokers were left shaken when they discovered a dress that could snatch their waist.

The “illusion dress” makes one’s waist look smaller without having to wear a waist trainer.

In an interview with New York Post, lifestyle influencer and mom Nana Castro said the “Mind of My Own” maxi dress took her to the old body she had before she had her son.

“My waist looks completely snatched. When I put the dress on and saw the way it accentuated my curves, I felt like the old me. I didn’t see ‘mom bod,’ I saw the sexy shape that I had before I had my son,” she said.

The dress has belts on the waistline that create the illusion of an hourglass figure when tied to the front.

More TikTokers like @Xojemian, also known as Jem was fascinated by the dress and decided to try it on. In a video that has 308.5K likes and 2.7 million views, Jem proved that the dress does indeed make one’s waist look smaller.



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She put on the dress, tied it to the front. Boom! She had an hourglass waist within split seconds.

The dress that is priced at $23.99 (R349,51) on FashionNova is currently sold out.

However, it is available in Joburg, Smal Street. The only difference is that the one at Smal Street doesn’t have the belts, it won’t give you an illusion but will show your body shape the way it is.

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