Squad: Chloe and Zuko. Supplied pic
Chloe looking cool in her denim skirt and tee. Pic supplied.

When designing a range of kids clothing and accessories, sometimes it is best to turn to the experts…kids. 

For the past three years, value retailer, Ackermans, has been inspiring kids to channel their inner fashionistas and take part in the Style Squad competition. 

The competition challenges kids, aged between 9 and 15, to complete various fashion-inspired tasks (which get tougher as the competition progresses) using their creative intuition, Ackermans in-store vouchers, as well as tablets and other necessary supplies like stationery and fabrics (provided by the retailer).

Squad: Chloe and Zuko. Supplied pic

This year, Chloe Matthews (12) and Luzuko Banda, aka Zuko (11), two fashion-forward teens were crowned the winners; and alongside the Ackermans team, designed their very own range of outerwear and accessories, which includes shoes and funky cellular gear – sold in Ackermans stores across Africa.   

 “I can’t believe that I have received the opportunity to design my own clothing line and accessories. I have always loved fashion, and going to the Ackermans headquarters in Cape Town was an awesome experience,” says Chloe.

 Tanya Ruiters, Corporate Marketing Specialist at Ackermans says, “it was the first time our winners were asked to design cellular accessories and shoes, and we were blown away by what our young designers’ envisioned for their ranges.

“The purpose of the Style Squad competition is to encourage kids’ creativity and give them a platform on which to showcase it," she says. 

 Ruiters continues, “it is also an opportunity for us to celebrate local kids, to learn from them, and bring new and fresh looks into stores”.

Red pants with just about everything. Pic supplied.

 * The Chloe and Zuko’s ranges are now in-store. Shp the looks at www.ackermans.co.za

Baby trends to go ga-ga about

On-trend babywear offering guaranteed to keep your little one – and you – smiling this season.

Samantha Jones, Global Design Executive at Ackermans and new mom, says. “While babies admittedly aren’t too fussed about how they look, parents want to dress their little ones in adorable, yet affordable and functional items.”

Jones shares the exciting new trends which can be seen in the Ackermans baby range this summer.

Bright is back

Colours have shown to have an impact on mood – and that goes for babies too. “While we don’t recommend moms do away with staple baby blue and pastel pink shades, we do encourage them to add bright and vibrant colours to their little one’s wardrobe, in time for summer,” she says.

Trendy colours for girls include bright corals and juicy tangerines. “At Ackermans, for example, we have updated our pink palette and now offer a greater variety of shades, ranging from a calming, soft pink, to bright and beautiful cerise. These pops of colour work beautifully alongside the perineal baby neutrals,” adds Jones.

And it’s not just girls who are spoiled for choice with colour this summer, “popular colours for boys range from traditional reds and navies, to gorgeous aqua and jade shades.”