The Seven Lights of Day collection was sparked by the story of Australian writer and traveller Robyn Davidson. Picture: Supplied.
Drawing inspiration from solo travelers across the world, Scotch & Soda launches its men’s and women’s Spring/Summer collection. 

The Seven Lights of Day collection was sparked by the story of  Australian writer and traveller Robyn Davidson, who is known for her 1,700-mile trek across the deserts of Western Australia.

In 1977, Davidson was only 25 when she set out on her epic journey, and her bohemian spirit was the starting point for Spring/Summer’s light-filled collection.

Summer ready in the Scotch & Soda Seven Lights of Day. Picture: Supplied. 

This collection which  references the transformation of light through twenty-four hours on the trail- is dedicated to all the brave solo travelers whose only travel companion is mother nature. 

‘Spring/Summer 2018 tells the stories of the solo traveller; the brave spirit wandering the world. Trekking alone exaggerates every moment and every feeling – sounds get louder and the colours get brighter. Every stretch of day’s light is so intense, and this intensity has inspired both stories and shades that have been interwoven in our collection. The traveler's world is wherever you let your senses take you.’ – Marlou van Engelen, Creative Director Scotch &
All swaggy in Seven Lights of Day. Picture: Supplied. 

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